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Through research and experimentation I have developed what I believe to be some of the best whip crackers available. These crackers are constructed with various high tech materials to produce a cracker that will outperform others.  I currently offer three types of crackers the properties of each are explained below.  All my crackers are hand wound and designed to produce the longest life and a distinctive report.



The Florida Cracker Professional

The Florida Cracker Professional is my top of the line cracker and is constructed from 100% UHmwPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) you may have herd of this material marketed under the proprietary names of Dyneema or Spectra. UHmwPE is currently the strongest man made fiber available, it is 15 times stronger than steel and 40% stronger than aramid fibers. This super strong fiber is better equipped to hold up under the extreme stress of a whip cracker. Typical poly crackers will wear down quickly but due to UHmwPE high tensile strength the amount of fiber breakage and loss is dramatically decreased. This cracker will produce a loud bold report with a robust tone and delivers the best all around performance.

Five crackers $15.00





The Florida Cracker Professional Kevlar

The Florida Cracker Professional Kevlar is constructed from 100% Kevlar. Kevlar is the strongest aramid fiber, and is five times stronger than steele. This fiber has extremely high ware resistance making it an excellent choice fore a cracker material. This is the same fiber used in bullet resistant vests, this cracker produces a loud robust report.

Five crackers $15.00


The Florida Cracker Standard

The Florida Cracker Standard is constructed from a nylon, polypropylene blend, this blend produces a strong low tangle cracker with good service life and produces a loud robust report.

Five crackers $5.00


Florida Cracker Professional Fall

My falls are cut from the best part of a 7 to 9oz latigo steer hide. They are tapered and cut to fit my latigo bullwhips.



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