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Working in conjunction with Hobbit of the HVBRIS Fire Troupe, has developed the HVBRIS Fire Whip. This whip was developed with the requirements of HVBRIS and field-tested by the HVBRIS Fire Troupe. To Hobbit and HVBRIS I owe many thanks for their tireless efforts in assisting with the development of this whip.

This whip is designed to perform with the characteristics of my nylon whip line, but be able to provide good burn time, fireballs and endure the rigors of fire performance. These whips are constructed from a high quality Kevlar and nomex design. These whips feature my hybrid core design, a first belly constructed from 100% Kevlar, then a nomex bolster. This is followed by a second plaited belly of 100% Kevlar, then a second nomex bolster and finally a fire wick overlay.

These whips are constructed in three variants, variant 2 with a single bolster design, which is lighter in weight than the two bolster variant 1 described above. Variant 3 is constructed with 2 plaited bellies and no nomex bolsters. This variant is for the performer who requires a lighter whip with less burn time and a faster action. The handles on all variants are constructed from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum and incorporates a combination flame guard and heat sink to protect the performer’s hand. The handle length is 12” standard but can be constructed to any length required. These whips are offered in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 foot lengths.

These whips are measured as all my bullwhips from the end of the butt knob to the end of the thong Plait. These whips incorporate an easy change fall design, to allow for quick fall replacement in the field. The fire wick overlay can be replaced as necessary when worn to prolong the useful service life of the whip.


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