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     Nylon is a quite different material from Latigo and has its own performance and handling characteristics. Nylon being a synthetic fiber is not prone to damage due to mildew like leather is and is a very strong low stretch fiber. I only use high quality type II 650 parachute cord in all of my nylon whips. Due to the fact that nylon is not as dense as leather it requires specific construction techniques to produce a nylon whip that handles as closely as possible to a latigo whip. These include the core of the whip; there are many materials that have been used in the cores of nylon whips ranging from ball chain to lamp cord with varying degrees of success. After much experimentation I have developed a hybrid core for my nylon whips that produces excellent balance and handling.

      Multiple plaited bellies produce a nylon whip with the highest density and durability, but some customers may require a whip with a smaller diameter. I also produce single belly nylon whips for this reason.


      Plait compression is another very important element in the construction process of a good nylon whip. There is a balance that must be achieved when plaiting a nylon whip. Plait too tightly and nylon tends to become stiff which will cause the whip to lose a lot of its action. Plait the whip too loosely and it will become unresponsive and tend to spring back at you when thrown. Through experience I have learned to plait nylon with the right amount of tension to handle properly. Another important factor in a good nylon whip is interstitial support in the handle to thong transition zone. If this area is not properly reinforced the whip will breakdown in this area quickly.

      My single belly bullwhips have two layers of reinforcement and my dual belly bullwhips have three layers of interstitial support. All the construction techniques employed in my nylon whips are designed to produce a nylon whip that handles as close to their latigo counterparts as possible and that will hold up well under heavy use.



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