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High Quality Custom Made Whips In Kangaroo, Cowhide and Nylon for over 20 years.  




Learn a little about how I make whips.

 All my whips are made after traditional American patterns but built with Australian construction methods which originated in England. The construction method employed in a whip is of prime importance because they dictate the durability and handling characteristics of the whip. Australian construction methods consist of constructing a whip with multiple plaited bellies. 

This is essentially a whip built on top of another whip. My kangaroo and cowhide whips are constructed on a full grain cow hide core, followed by a plaited layer. This core and first plaited layer are called the belly of the whip. I plait a second layer on top of the first witch is called the second belly, and then finish the whip with a 12 plait overlay which is the final braided layer you see on the whip. 

There is a distinction between the cowhide and kangaroo whips I construct. I don’t use bolsters in my cowhide whips I feel this produces a cowhide whip that is not as heavy and still has excellent handling characteristics. I do use bolsters in the kangaroo whips that I construct. Due to the thickness of kangaroo hide bolstering is necessary to produce a whip of sufficient mass to make the thong perform adequately in a naturally falling whip. My Nylon whip line is constructed with similar methods. No bolstering of any kind is used in my nylon whips I use a special core construction method that ensures my nylon whips crack easily.