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High Quality Custom Made Whips In Kangaroo, Cowhide and Nylon for over 20 years.    




7 foot 12 Plait Kangaroo Bullwhip 
8 foot 12 Plait Kangaroo Bullwhip 
7 Foot 12 Plait Kangaroo Bullwhip 

My kangaroo hide bullwhips are measured form the start of the handle knob to the end of the fall hitches the fall and cracker are not included in the measurement. These whips are constructed with two plaited bellies and two full grain cow hide bolsters. I use two layers of interstitial support at the handle to thong transition zone to insure a long service life.

  All my whips are custom made to order. Please contact me at floridacrackerbullwhips@outlook.com for lead time estimates, and so that I may better understand exactly what you want. Photos in the GALLERIES page demonstrate some of the whips I have constructed for my customers, if you see certain characteristics that you would like incorporated in a custom whip or a reproduction of a whip on my site, let me know via email so that I may taylor the whip to your preference.

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