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High Quality Custom Made Whips In Kangaroo, Cowhide and Nylon for over 20 years.  




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 From time to time I may have a whip in stock if so they will be listed here. I am a custom whip maker so I don’t always have a whip for sale here. But keep checking you never know. Contact Me at Floridacrackerbullwhips.com

This is a hand-crafted Nylon bullwhip in Coyote brown the whip is 8’ feet long with a 9” handle and 24” fall. The whip length is measured from the butt knot to the end of the braid. The whip is constructed using 2 plaited bellies with a 16-plait overlay encircling both bellies. This construction method creates a high density and a very fluid action. This whip was constructed with a slow action and is finished in an 8 plait point. The whip is constructed from 100% type II, 650 parachute cord. Each belly has interstitial support well past the handle to thong transition zone this will provide the longest useful life of the whip under heavy use conditions. Current Price $265.41