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Get to know a little about how I got started in whipmaking.

 My interest in whips began when I was young. My father bought me my first whip when I was about ten years old, it was a cheap Mexican bullwhip the kind you could find at the county fair but to me it was quite a treasure. I spent hours trying to crack that thing and eventually wore the point out but what fun I had doing it. Because I also tore up my mother’s flower beds (as ornery boys tend to do) with that whip my father was reluctant to get me another. So many years down the road I saw Raiders of The Lost Ark and remembered the fun I had as a child with that cheap whip and decided I was going to buy myself a good one. 

 Well at the time I had no computer and didn't even know what the internet was so I found a whole sale house that sold whips mail order. I spent about 100.00 dollars on a 12 foot leather bullwhip made by a whip maker that’s been around for a long time whose name I won’t use. When it arrived I spent the rest of the day cracking that thing but I noticed that the action on the whip wasn't so good and it was very hard to crack. I got quite disgusted because at the time I really thought that you could get a good whip for around a hundred dollars but I found out I was wrong. Eventually, I decided to find out what was inside that whip so I took it apart and to my surprise the overlay was leather but the core was a piece of poly rope cut to a taper, the rope was duck taped to the wooden dowel handle. I was quite dismayed at the lack of quality and even with my limited knowledge of whip making I knew this wasn't a quality whip, so I decided to find out how to make a good whip. 

 That being said the first thing I did was find the nearest leather craft store and look for some source material. I bought every book they had on the subject of whip making and braiding. After several days of study I was ready to try my first attempt at whip making so I went back to the craft store bought some leather and started on the journey of whip making that was about 20 years ago and I have learned very much by making many bad whips and by learning from my mistakes I started making better whips. Some of my techniques may seem unconventional and I believe it is because I didn't have the benefit of being able to ask question of other whip maker so through research, trial and error I use what I have learned works best for me. I continually try new techniques to make the best whips I can and I am getting fairly good at it and hope to continue to get even better. My prime interest is to produce a high quality durable whip that can be used in the field for many years, something that I can be proud of making and something that someone would be proud to own. With me it’s about quality.